2021 "A Great Work" WRISTBANDS - Youth Theme - YW/YM

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Looking for the perfect gift for Young Men or Young Women? Bring home the 2021 theme! The 2021 theme is embossed: "A Great Work  D&C 64:33-34   Hear Him     #strivetobe". This gift is the perfect reminder of the theme. With 6 new colors, these 2021 theme wristbands are unrivaled. Great for dividing groups up by color for youth activities.

They are great for:

  • Introducing the Theme
  • Temple Trips
  • Seminary Gifts or Prizes
  • Service Activities or Pioneer Treks
  • Youth Conference
  • New Beginnings or Excellence Night
  • Girls Camp
  • Birthdays or Christmas

Large size wristbands fit most youth and some adults - they are 7.5 inches (190 mm) in circumference. These silicone bracelets fit everybody's style!

Colors: yellow, burgundy, orange, glow, green, & navy.