God's Trophies by Wally Goddard - picture book

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Sometimes when people on earth feel especially joyful and grateful for one of God's creations, they create trophies to thank Him. When the trophies arrive in heaven, it is Rupert's job to organize and manage them. But Rupert becomes so busy with all his responsibilities that he fails to enjoy God's creations or think about the people who sent the trophies. Then, one day Rupert is invited to visit God in His heavenly home and gets quite a surprise. Readers of all ages will enjoy this charming story of learning to be grateful for everything God has made--and discovering that we are His most beloved creations.

40 pages

About the author: Wally Goddard has worked as a professor of family life for Auburn University and the University of Arkansas. He has written many books and programs on enhancing relationships. This is his first children's book. Wally continues to be amazed by the brilliance of God's creation. Among his favorite creations are his beloved Nancy, their three children and spouses, and fourteen unique and wonderful grandchildren.